EV Fleet Operators

If you own or operate an EV Fleet, KeepEV helps you focus on your core business knowing that your current and future charging system capital and operating costs are fully optimized.


Measure, Model & Design

KeepEV starts by measuring and analyzing your existing fleet energy usage to understand the impacts of EV and non-EV related usage on your costs. We then look at your growth and expansion plans for existing and future vehicle charging sites, to build a model of your over expected “fueling” system. Lastly, KeepEV designs optimal charging systems across the your business.

Example questions addressed: What mix of new meters & rate tariffs lead to lowest cost? What demand limit can we set without impacting vehicle availability?

Low hanging Fruit

When managing or growing an EV Fleet, there are many tools available. KeepEV first makes use of the tools that result in zero-low capital outlay generating the highest ROI project for your business.

Example questions addressed: How do we use maximize state and federal rebates? What impact will reduced charging speeds have on demand charges? Can future charging sites capture opportunity zone tax incentives?

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EV fleets are a new and growing source of peak load for utility companies, creating challenges for the grid especially in urban settings. Matching EV fleet charging with stationary battery storage and solar PV can greatly mitigate those grid impacts and there are significant financial incentives to do so. Some of these incentives begin phasing out at the end of 2019, so the time to evaluate them is soon.