urban Electric vehicle parking on your terms


What we do

We manage dedicated parking spots specifically for plug-in vehicles in the five boroughs of NYC. If you own an EV/PHEV or are thinking of buying one, we can help you find the best parking and charging solution.

Our mission is to make owning an EV in an urban area affordable and seamless.

smart-CHARGE New York

Earn up to $70 / Month

Our standard parking spots come with smart-charging. We optimize the benefits of electric utility programs to earn you rewards for off-peak charging, while making sure your EV is charged when you need it. With Smart-Charge NY you will earn $0.10/kWh when charging between the hours of 12am-8am, $20 per month by not charging the car between 2pm-6pm, and $150 for signing up.

Pre-heat or pre-cool


To ensure maximum battery range, we pre-heat or pre-cool your vehicle with grid-power, so you do not use valuable battery power to do this.

Our Locations

Can’t find a location that works for you?

Let us know if you do not see a location close enough to where you would like to park your car and we will do our best to find you a custom spot!

Additional Services

As an option, we facilitate usage of your spot and/or vehicle to help you earn back the cost of your electric vehicle expenses, seamlessly.


Earn up to $200 / Month

Earn up to $10 per hour when you are using your vehicle. We help put your empty spot to work by matching it with drivers looking for a place to park.


Earn up to $500 / Month

Earn up to $50 per day by renting your vehicle on our car-sharing partner’s marketplace. We facilitate access to your vehicle for a seamless transaction.