Parking FAcilities

If you own or operate a parking facility that has EV customers or is planning to in the future, KeepEV’s entire suite of core services will help you reduce energy costs, gain new customers and access entirely new revenue streams in the process.


Monitor, Understand, Save$

You can’t fix what you don’t know is a problem.

KeepEV starts by measuring and making transparent your energy usage split out by EV and Non-EV related.

Our software shows you the optimal times of day to charge EVs parked in your facility, reducing electricity costs by between 20-80%.

Facility certification

KeepEV collaborated with utility companies & EV owners to design standard processes for charging vehicles that save you money, lessen EV charging impacts to the grid, and make your parking customers happy.

After becoming a KeepEV certified parking facility, you will gain access to KeepEV’s parking marketplace where new EV owners seek long term and short term parking solutions from Certified Facilities.

EV Owner draw.png

Upgrades to access new revenue

Parking facilities will play a greater role in the urban economy of the electric vehicle future. KeepEV helps you get there through its EV charging, Energy Storage, and Solar PV upgrades.